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In a nutshell: Paul Scott Goodman's sung-through-rock version of Jay McInerney's 1984 novel.

History: Goodman, a Glasgow-born musician and former publicist for Keith Moon, says he originally got the idea to adapt McInerney's book in the mid '80s but didn't work on it again until 1996, which is, coincidentally, the year that the huge hit Rent was first produced at this same theater.

Audience: Devotees of brat-pack lit ephemera.

Buzz: Bright Lights, Big Disappointment

Big picture: For those who have managed to avoid the novel, a quick summary: Young Ivy League alum loses wife and job, does too many drugs, ultimately blames everything on mom's death, finds redemption.

In several interviews, author McInerney has said that when first approached about this project, his initial reaction was to ask whether the world needed another version of his 1984 novel. The quick answer to his rhetorical question: no.

The musical gets off on the wrong foot and never recovers.